Vero Beach Florida - Central Beach Video

Vero Beach Florida - Central Beach Video

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- Pretty, isn't it? But we're not here for pretty, although it is. What we're here for is actually, it's the perfect spot to show you how the layout on the beach side actually is.

If you look over there, you have the Merrill Barber Bridge. And approximately two miles to the south, you have the 17th Bridge, also now called the Alma Lee Loy Bridge.

Well, those are your two main crossroads getting to the beachside from basically the downtown area behind me. Now, if you extend the area a little bit to the south, a little bit to the north, what you have in front of us on the other side of this is what I would call Central Beach.

If you've never been yet, everything you ever heard about Vero Beach is probably located between these two bridges. The museum of art, Riverside Park, Ocean Drive, all the hotels, and pretty much all the restaurants, you'll find on this little speck of land. Speaking about Central Beach, if you're a fan of old Florida living architecture, and everything else, this is where you can still find it.

It was one of the earliest settlements over here. And obviously, you've got the incredible landscape. It's a very small piece of land, quite honestly, between river and ocean. It's maybe half a mile in most cases.

So it's quite a special place. We're like a mile north of the Merrill Barber Bridge right now. And once you pass Jaycee Park to my right here, you have another seven or eight miles to go until you hit the Wabasso Bridge further up north. Now you know a little bit more about the beachside layer of Vero Beach.