Treasure Coast Real Estate - Testimonial


Treasure Coast Real Estate - Testimonial

You may have heard me saying that Real Estate is about people - not properties - I only mention it EVERY time.

Nothing held more true in this case. Life happens and sellers had to leave behind a house that they made painstakingly a spectacular HOME over the years.

The least I could do was to execute our selling process at the highest level.

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I did a lot of research online from several sources checking out ratings on realtors. Although Michael Kanehl was a little outside my area, he had the best ratings and recommendations, so I went with him.

My wife and I have moved about 16 times since we were married (USAF and DOD contractor career) so we had a lot of experience, both good and bad, with realtors in quite a few states and several foreign countries.

Michael looked over the house closely and asked some questions. He is a very personable individual and a pleasure to work with.

Michael asked me what I thought would be a good starting price and told him, I had done some research on Zillow and I suggested we start with the top Zillow price and if it didn't sell, we could come down on the price later.

Michael convinced me (and I'm pretty stubborn) that because of the condition of the house and numerous upgrades we had put into the house we ought to ask for at least another $10,000.

I agreed and I'm glad we did up the selling price, Michael was spot on correct, and the first day the house came on the market we had two buyers look at the house and grounds and both potential buyers accepted the asking price Michael suggested.

We picked the cash offer. As far I'm concerned Michael got me an extra $10,000. I'm sure another reason the buyers were totally ready to buy was because of the work Michael put into advertising the house.

He hired a professional photographer to help us stage the house and take pictures. He also brought another photographer over and personally directed her in taking pictures of the grounds (.91 acre).

They even used a drone to take pictures. I never had a previous realtor go to such lengths to sell a house for me.

My wife and I are senior citizens and had been some time since we sold a house. We were surprised at how darn complicated selling a house has become.

Michael was there all the way explaining and walking us through the process. He came to the inspection and closing and made the whole process a piece of cake.

It was also reassuring that we call him up anytime we had doubts or questions and he always got back to us right away.

My wife and I both agree Michael was the best realtor we ever worked with. We are going to make good use of that extra 10K Michael got us and put it into upgrading our new house.

Highly recommend Michael Kanehl if you need real estate services.