New Construction Homes in Port Saint Lucie

Port Saint Lucie Home Builders


Buying a home that still has to be built is a challenge all on its own. Unlike resale homes, with Port Saint Lucie Home Builders, there's so much more involved than the " you like the kitchen cabinet?" question.

If the building hasn't started yet, your first stop will be to choose the lot itself. Do you like sunsets or sunrises? Do you want to be further into the subdivision or do you prefer a quick exit?

Be aware that every builder will charge a premium for the more desirable lots in the development.

With that part out of the way - let's talk about models. The two builders my buyer and I visited today in Port Saint Lucie, both had 4 different models to choose from.

Models normally not only differ by size but also by floorplan. Together with the above-mentioned location, those are really the two features of a home that can never be really changed. Take your time here, and in the case of couples, communication is key. There's nothing worse than to find out after the fact that he/she really wanted that 4th bedroom as an office:)

Lastly, be prepared to pay a visit to the so-called "Design Center" each home builder has. That's where you go to choose the different packages and materials. Gourmet kitchen, upgraded counter tops etc.

It's also the place where quite a few of my real estate clients encountered their first " sticker shock". These packages can add up really quickly and can easily add $50-$100k to the home price.