Homes for Sale in Sebastian -and the Closing that (Almost) didn't Happen


Homes for Sale in Sebastian -and the Closing that (Almost) Didn't Happen...

🛫 Attention passengers for flight number #4166 - we’re sorry to inform you that we have a slight departure delay - the new departure time is 10:50 am..

We all know real estate closings are the final steps in the home-buying journey. Home showings, inspections, and any financing contingencies are out of the way - What else is there to worry about?

💥, here goes the well-laid-out plan to fly from LA in time to arrive in Orlando at noon with plenty of time to make it to the closing in Sebastian at 3 pm.

That was the exact scenario my client was facing yesterday, traveling from CA to FL.

Now, he would arrive in Orlando around 3 pm, fingers crossed.🤞

Now we all know that the speed limit on I95 is merely a suggestion, but no matter how much you channel your inner Mario Andretti 🏎️- there's no way he would make it to Sebastian in time.

🆗 Those are the exact situations that’ll remind you that we’re in the solution business, and there’s always a solution!

Running through a couple of scenarios:

😟Worst case scenario we would have to postpone the closing, which is easy to say, but rather complicated considering that all the lender paperwork would have to be redone, possession time would change, addendums needed, etc.

So, Heather Holt Reeb, representing the seller, and I decided to leave that as the last option …

☎️ Let’s make some phone calls...

🕛 Meanwhile, the buyer and the airline held up their end of the bargain and arrived in Orlando around 3:30 pm - one piece of the puzzle out of the way 🧩- now we have a definite timeline to work with.

🥁 Drum roll, make room - let the real heroes enter the stage… Kerrie Hayes Coleman , the closing agent at Jordan Lulich's office agreed to stay as long as needed in the office to get this done.

The lender rep agreed to stay as long as needed as well to get the deal funded as well, so my buyer can actually get the keys.

😃 Keep in mind it’s Friday night, the weekend ahead, and I owe some people big time!!

👌 Once “Mario Andretti” made it in record time to Sebastian - the closing itself was like any other and over within a blink of an eye.

“Focus on the solution, not on the problem.” Jim Rohn