Downsizing in real estate can be much harder than upsizing and has some unique challenges for a variety of reasons.📉


Why Downsizing in Real Estate Can be Much Harder than Upsizing...

👉 What looks like from the outside like a rational decision is actually a highly emotional process. Most of us have a strong emotional attachment to our home having lived in the same place for a number of years.

👉 Fond memories such as family gatherings, holidays, and other special occasions create a great deal of apprehension, sadness, and even regret when it comes time to say goodbye to the home we have come to love.

👉 So, we’re pushing it off.

👉 Pretending that we have all the time in the world.

👉 Ignoring the fact that we haven’t opened the door to the third bedroom in months.

👉 The big dining room table has become a convenient storage area instead of a place for family gatherings.

We know that the right time to downsize would have been years ago. Before all these "maintenance" items piled up.

🔻 When the roof was newer

🔻 When the AC didn’t make funny noises

🔻 When the purple color in the bathroom was still fashionable ( though, THAT really never was fashionable )

We all know this, deep down inside, but just like a trip to the dentist - we go when the pain becomes too much to bear.🦷

And that’s not a good position to be in as a home seller.

👉 You don’t want to be in a vulnerable position.

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