Bigger Home, Better Retirement: Upsizing Is a Smart Choice for Some Seniors


Your retirement is just that — yours. You can make it whatever you want. For some, that means a smaller home with fewer rooms to keep clean. For others, moving into a bigger house with more land is their dream. If you want to spend your golden years surrounded by loved ones making great memories, a homestead may be your best bet.

What’s a homestead?

A homestead has traditionally been thought of as a large farm with a central home and lots of land. But, you don’t have to have 10 or more acres to enjoy a simpler life surrounded by friends and family. Depending on your interests, you can do everything from gardening and beekeeping to running your own home-based business and hosting large family gatherings from an acre or less. Your Vero Beach Team realtor can help you find a home that allows you to take advantage of Florida’s beautiful weather to pursue any type of retirement you could possibly dream of.

Getting Started

Any time you buy or sell a home, your first step is to research what you want and where you can afford it. You’ll need to decide, among other things, how much land you need, how many bedrooms make the most sense, and what, if any, resources you want available on your property.

Something else that deserves your attention here is timing. The real estate market moves quickly, and, if you find the perfect property, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to sell your current home at the same time as buying your new one. If you’ve already accepted an offer on your current property, you may be able to make an offer on the new one and request an extended closing so that you will have cash on your sale to go toward your purchase. Your realtor can help negotiate this process.

Setting Up Shop

Like moving in any home, you’ll have to start with furniture, but having a homestead also means you’ll need to create entertaining space for family and friends, and, likely, you’ll need tools to upkeep your home and participate in your hobbies. One example here is making sure everyone has enough sleeping space. You only have three bedrooms, for example, and need one for a home office, you may need to have a pullout couch or a kids’ room with bunk beds (there are many different types of bunk bed examples on

When your retirement also includes running a home-based business, you also want to research Florida LLCs. Forming your LLC is important when buying a new home because it does offer some protection for your personal assets. Keep in mind, especially if you’re moving from one state to the next, that each location will have different regulations forming your business structure. Plan to use the formation service instead of an expensive attorney to ensure your LLC is formed correctly and legally.

When your retirement day finally comes, you do not have to conform to anyone’s ideals. You’ve worked your entire life to do what you want and now is your chance. If you want to enjoy more time with friends and family, having space where you can spend time together might make more sense than moving into a traditional retirement setting. Talk to your realtor about options available in your preferred area, and then let the dreaming begin. When you’re ready to find a property for retirement and beyond, let the Vero Beach Team be your eyes and ears on the ground. (772) 696 2359