Allow me to introduce myself

I’m Michael Kanehl, a licensed Florida Realtor based in Vero Beach, serving the Florida Treasure Coast.

Why should we work together?

Because -After over 25 yrs in sales I’m aware that this could be an intensely emotional moment for you and I won’t take that lightly.

Because - You want a custom tailored Real Estate Selling and Buying

experience. We empower our clients with a comprehensive market education and guidance every step of the way.

Because - Together we’ll develop a plan that will ensure you’ll achieve

your goals with as little stress as possible


What if you could have confidence in the selling or buying process, knowing exactly the next steps and everything moves along with ease? 

That’s what I do. My mission is to provide a world-class custom-tailored Real Estate buying and selling experience. 

It all starts with the highest level of communication together, with the most advanced technology and marketing approach available. 

After all, I still have my German DNA :) - we get things done, fast and efficiently.

Real Estate is one of the few areas that truly can impact someone's life. After 20 yrs. in sales and management - I embraced the opportunity to apply my creativity and cutting edge thinking to helping people to transition into a new chapter in their lives.

At the end of the day - Real Estate is never about the physical property, it's always about the impact it has on your personal life. The move, the unknown, the excitement about the new lifestyle. These are the intangibles that will have have a lasting impact.

I've always been confident in pursuing my personal and professional goals. When I came to Florida in 1989 from Germany not only was anything real estate foreign to me - but I entered literally a whole new world.

Luckily I met people along the way who guided me and provided much-needed advice. Without them, my journey would have been much more difficult and who knows, maybe impossible.

 I understand that any real estate transaction is foremost an emotional process - a step towards a new life - exciting on one hand and potentially fraught with uncertainty on the other.

I now cherish the opportunity to provide the same guidance and help I once received. Through my journey, I've gained valuable insight that now allows me to serve to the highest standards.

If you’re ready to enter the market as a buyer, seller, or investor, we’re ready to help. Book a meeting with Michael  here to plan your strategy.

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